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December 18th, 2006, 10:39 PM
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With irregular cycles, a mucus only method is the simplest way to go. In a *very* simple nutshell, when you have no mucus you can have intercourse on alternate evenings. When you notice mucus or bleeding, you abstain while it's present and until you have 3 full dry days again. To learn how to chart and apply the rules for avoiding pregnancy accurately, I highly reccomend learning from a certified instructor. Couples who are self-taugh are much more likely to experience an unintended pregnancy, while those who are properly instructed enjoy a 99% effectiveness rate. If you pop over to the Natural Family Planning JM forum, there is a sticky that has all the websites from the different NFP Methods - you can locate local teachers from there or learn online (while matched up with a real life teacher who will be in contact with you).

Regarding the endometriosis, you can definitely use NFP - I've known many women who use it successfully.

One NFP Method I do highly reccomend is the Creighton Model because it's a medical model and they work *especially* with women who have reproductive problems. You learn the method from a Fertility Care Practitioner who works under a Natural Pro-creative Technologies physician. Whether TTC or TTA, their goal is to help women get reproductively healthy - so you have the *option* if you so choose to also get medical assistance from them that will not include any hormonal contraceptives. They believe hormonal contraceptives do a lot of damage to women and try to restore natural reproductive function as it should be, instead of trying to cover up all the problems with synthetic hormones. I don't know a lot about their specific protocol for treating endometriosis (I believe laproscopic surgery is one of the most effective options, no?)

However, the Billings Ovulation Method is also great because it's simple and easy to adapt to very irregular cycles. I have PCOS, so I'm totally with you in the irregular cycle boat!

You mentioned that you really would rather stay away from BC that has the potential to disrupt things after conception. You are aware that all hormonal contraceptives (all forms of the pill, the patch, nuvaring, shot) do that right? The first action is to suppress ovulation, but the second action is to thin the lining of the uterus so that if breakthrough ovulation and conception do occur, you would just miscarry with your period and never know it. For some women, that's no problem. For others, it's a HUGE moral issue. I just think women should know *exactly* what these drugs do so they can be fully informed about it and make choices within their beliefs about the origins of life. Not intending to debate that here...just clarifying the biological function of those drugs.

Does that answer your questions? Keep asking if not!
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