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December 20th, 2006, 04:56 PM
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[font=Comic Sans Ms][size=1]Hello I came across this board and feel maybe this will help me through the pain I am feeling from my loss. My Name is Victoria, I am 15 and just lost my baby. My mom had wrote on this site and told me about it here goes my story.

It was Oct 11th 2006...My mom took me to have a blood test done...And like I knew it was gonna be it came back positive. I was so happy....As was my mom later. Me and my mom are very close and we started right away to plan for this new baby. Had names picked out and was looking online to what we wanted to make the nursery. In my 8th week of pregnancy I went to my first Dr appointment and he did a U/S and for the first time I saw my little baby's heartbeat. The dr had told me that my baby was doing fine and looked good...So I stopped drinking all the soda's and eating all the junk food.....And started eating healthy and chewing my food so the baby dont choke...

Well at almost the end of my 10th week (12-13-06) it was about 9:30 in the night and I felt something come out of me...I went to the bathroom and it was some blood.....My mom took me to a midwife and she said it was because I had a yeast infection and put me on complete bedrest. Well that Saturday I had turned 11 weeks and I went to my Dr and he told me to stop crying and to let him check...I had only passed like 3 clots at this time....Well my Dr took me back did another U/S and said baby was fine and checked my cervix and said it was still closed...Well when we ledt my mom told me she didnt beleive him because when she was looking at the screen on the U/S she didnt see any heartbeat or baby.....We asked the Dr about why we didnt see the Heartbeat and he said that it was still to soon.....but in my 8th week he showed us the heartbeat.....

Well we left there and went to go get the progesterone shots and pills that he said to get and we went home. Wel that Sunday I passed more then a clot it was white in color....But i still hadnt had any pain or cramps....Well Monday i go back to my dr and he said yes that was the baby.....he was very rude to my mom and i really wont get into why....but Monday afternoon i had a D-n-C...

I am home now...and it is Wednesday.......All I can think about is why? My mom says it was God's will.....And I will accept it......I will always think of my baby but just know why it happened so close to my second trimester......I pray to God that he takes the loss feeling from me and replaces it with another baby someday.....I hope my story helps others and gives them a piece of mine as me reading these has gave me hope and a piece of mind....

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