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December 21st, 2006, 08:12 PM
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WELCOME! I'm so glad to see you here and thrilled you are considering homebirth. I'm sure we can help with any residual fears that you have, let's start with why homebirth appeals to you? and then, what specifically are your fears about you and the baby during the birth? When I was starting this journey I researched all the complications I was afraid of and found that not only were they all totally manageable at home, they were all MUCH less likely to happen at home, since most complications of birth are due to intervention.

As far as pain and relaxation. I am doing the Bradley Method of birth. it's focus is total relaxation and the birth is fully coached by the husband. We've finally started reading the book together and it really makes a lot of sense for US. I don't know that it could work for every one, but it clicks for me. I also am now more afraid of what could happen to myslef or my baby as the result of drugs than I am of pain.

Anyway, welcome, stick around, ask lots of questions![/b]
Thank you for the welcome!!

Hmm, home birth appeals to me because I love the idea of my baby and me being close after birth. Not sitting there with baby wrapped up so tightly and me in a hospital gown. I don't like the interference of doctors and nurses, although I did love my OB.
I also would like to have a natural birth with no drugs, but at a hospital I KNOW I would be tempted to ask for them, regardless of the bad experiences I had with the epidural the first time. They took my urine catheter out while I was still numb and I had to pee so bad but couldn't get up. I had to use a bed pan. Then a half hour later when they came to get me with a wheel chair, I told them I was still numb. How am I supposed to get into a wheel chair when I cant feel one side of my body? That is when they realized they FORGOT to turn my epidural off... this was 45 minutes after birth. The doctors also left the catheter from my epidural in my back for 12 hours after birth. That is so dangerous and even though I paged the nurses constantly, they told me that anestesia (sp) wasn't responding. I had to sleep, on my back, with the catheter in it, moving around and all. I was so sore the next morning. They also left my IV needle in my arm for just as long, when I wasn't even hooked up to the IV.

Also, I gave birth at almost 11pm at night. I didnt go to bed until 3am and still, at 5am they showed up in my room, pushing on my stomach and taking blood. I was so exhausted. They didn't have anywhere for Nathan to sleep, just a chair. He went home at night to sleep because his body couldn't physically stay in the chair any longer. That was really sad for me.

Then, after my nipples started hurting really bad from breastfeed, they got a lactation consultat to come in to check my latch. When Dakota was first born, they just told me to latch her on, I didn't know there was a certain way. By the 2nd day my nipples and purple marks all over them, from bad latching. That made the breastfeeding experience horrible for me.

As for fears, I am afraid I will bleed too much or baby will get stuck and we wont get to the hospital in time. I think its just a general fear of something going wrong, you know what I mean?

I will have to look into the Bradley Method, although my husband isn't really the strong type when it comes to this stuff, he kind of hangs back and doesn't say anything to me at all (which was good for Dakota because i didnt want people talking during contractions lol). He would do anything for me and is there emotionally, he just sort of clams up
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