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December 27th, 2006, 02:50 PM
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I had wanted to say something about your MW as well, but i didn't know where you were standing on the issue and didn't want to make you feel worse. I feel like she made you doubt your body and she DEFINATELY should have been more of an advocate in the hospital, I know my MW brings an IV to the HB just in case I can't keep anything down, I feel like she could have worked harder to keep you nourished and strong, PLEASE do NOT think that you failed b/c you 'weren't strong enough to stand up for yourself' that is NOT the case, you CHOSE a mw b/c you felt that she had YOUR interests at heart and would work as hard for you as you would if you weren't in LABOR. Isn't that the whole point of a birth team? So that when you are unable (as all women are at one point or another in labor) to fight? You should never HAVE to fight. And STILL, even with all the oposition and lack of support, you STILL managed beautifully. You fought off the drugs in an environment that makes that nearly imposible and you managed to be vocal enough to prevent surgery for your son. You DID NOT FAIL.

ANd may I suggest grieving TOGETHER? Talk to your husband about how you are feeling if you aren't already. He obviously didn't feel strong enough either and is probably dealing with the pain of that as well.
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