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January 4th, 2007, 06:48 AM
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Yes YeS YES!!!
I didn't do it with my first, and, when she was born, she had a mult. nuchal cord (very short too, about 14 inches) that was acting like a noose; when I would push, it would slack enough for her to decend a ways, then, when I let up, the top of my uterus would pull back and tighten the 'noose' on her. It was tight enough that her skin was folding over the cord. Eeek. So, OB gave me an episiotomy that tore to my rectum (4th degree) to get to the cord, then he cut the cord with no clamping. As soon as the cord was cut, she came sailing out into his hands. Even though I believe it was an indication for episiotomy, I still hate the idea I had it.

Onto my next birth. I researched and began PM. OB had never done it in labor, and he and I researched it for labor as well and he was excited to try it. I was his guinea pig - He said the extent of my scar tissue from my first babe would not stretch and I would either HAVE to have an episi. or I WOULD tear. I said, well, lets do PM before birth and PM during birth, and we will see. He said 'cool, I would love to be proven wrong and see this work'. So, we did it and I didn't even have a skid mark. He looked encrediously at my perineum and said 'you made a believer out of me'. I talked to him a year after her birth about the PM and he said he tells all of his patient's to do it and practices it with every birth now.

Twins, PM during pregnancy and PM during birth, no tears or skids...

Xander, PM during pregnancy and PM during birth - largest of the heads at 36cm, and no tearing or skidmarks... even with the Gaskin Maneuver performed for shoulder dystocia.

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