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January 5th, 2007, 08:27 AM
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Hi my name is Amanda. I have 4 kids 2 that have dealt with reflux. My 4 year old out grew it by 6 months but my 2 year old wasn't as lucky. Amelia had her first Fundo at 10 months of age. She could not gain wieght even with a NG tube. They did place a g-tube at that time and right now she is tube fed 16 hours a day. We had to redo her Fundo and repair a hiatal hernia last march(7 months after the first one). Amelia had RSV and the severe coughing and retching, she can't throw up or even burp wih the Fundo, it caused her wrap to come undone. So far we are doing better all though she is showing signs of reflux again.
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