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January 8th, 2007, 06:37 PM
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Hi My name is Rachel


<span style="font-family:Fixedsys">I am expecting my 6th child (5th pg)
this time round DH and I would like to have a home birth,
my 1st was all natural but in hospital and lasted 4 hours,
my 2nd, was induced, but thats because my waters were leaking and I had an infection and was only 33wks, that labour only last 1hr15mins
my 3rd, was twins born extremely prem in the back of a car, that labour was only 26mins, (my twins angels)
my 4th was induced because I didnt want him to be born on the twins 1st anniversary, so was a completely elective induction, labour was 55mins long

all my labours have been pain releif free,
so this time round we decided it would be great to have a home birth,
mainly because we live 40mins from the cloest hospital
and theres a possibilty I wouldnt make it there, so I would rather have the baby at home then in the back of the car,
so I just thought I would introduce myself, and hang baout here, so I could ask questions etc from those that have had homebirths,

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