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January 14th, 2007, 07:26 PM
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it never really occoured to me that I could have one, till now,

ok well I guess my reasons for this were that my aunty was my midwife and well up untill this pregnancy has been,

and for my first 2 she was a hospital based mw, and my 3rd PG was extremely complicated, and twins, and ended in a kind of home birth, (i delivered the twins in the car in MY driveway)

and the with pg #4 I thought about it and was open to having it, BUT i chose to be induced as I didnt want to be in labour on the twins 1st anniversary

this tiem round we have moved 12 hours away from my aunt, so shes a no go
and we live 40mins away from the closest hospital, and having super fast Labours, we knew right form ttc that unless #1 a medical emergancy comes up, or #2 I am in the middle of town and about 40 mins away from home, (not much chance of making it home)
I am having this baby at home,
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