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November 19th, 2004, 07:04 AM
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Tough one--I have started punishing everyone for the "not me" that I am trying to eradicate. We also have this stupid thing where you have to put your tongue out becasue if there is a black line down the middle you are lying (LOL still works for my 6 and 7) So whoever refuses to put out their tongue is usualy responsible. Yes, my parents were odd. But I am recently learning not to ask"who???....then add the crime. I now state "someone......and if I am not told by the count of 3 then you are all being punished" But I assume he is lying about other stuff too??? Since I am big on child rearing by books I will see what I can dig up short of beating them. I know lying is usaully a part of seeing how far they can get with us--the little monsters.
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