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January 15th, 2007, 09:57 AM
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Well, if you are a birth fascist, then SO am I, I can't STAND crap like that. I think the way that "we" view birth is just really radically different from them. I hear women upset about their friends being "kicked out" of the hospital early...did it ever occur to them that maybe they WANTED to leave? Have women so wholly submitted to the almighty obstetrician that they don't even WANT to think for themselves? I don't get it. These "routine" membrane stripping thing is REALLY irking me....i can't believe these OB's think it's ok to do that, and I can't believe so many women are letting's painful and a violation of their bodies AT BEST. Sometimes, i just think of you and i would be like Steph if we were to for some reason deliver in a's so comical a picture that I chuckle to myself and feel better
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