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January 15th, 2007, 09:52 PM
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IT Was Great!

She brought her assistant and I got to meet her and her sweet little 4 mo. baby! How adorable! The assistant, J, is also a Doula and certified Cpr and all that so that's cool.

Weight, didn't gain any
Heart rate, 120, which freaked me out at first, but he was sleeping and it goes down towards the end...
Fundal 36 cm, so dead on
Station, she says -2 from external exam
BP, 120/80 slightly high for me, but i was a little excited that they were there and she let DD "check my BP" first, and she darn near took my hand off...LOL!
I told her of my hunch of a OP baby and she agrees, she says I have the pelvis for it...meaning it's large and baby has so much room that it doesn't really force him into position, oh'll be cool to see his face come out right?

MW let DD do the whole checkup, it was SO cute, she let her put the goo on the Doppler and check for the baby, and "measure" and clean the goo OFF my belly (she got it EVERYWHERE) DD was loving it, i think she's gonna be a MW! Haha

We decided where we will put the birth tub, and i really like the spot....

At one point the assistant was nursing her baby and Emmy was looking at the baby, and she wanted to see baby's face (under blanket)....i didn't even see any of this, me and DH and MW were talking. All of a sudden DH and the assistant BURST out laughing....DD asked her why that baby was drinking her boobie! LOL! it was TOO funny! I had been TRYING to explain it to her for months, but it didn't click for her till tonight!

Oh and she has a huge stash of Raspberry leaf tea, and she will give me a bunch at my next appt.
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