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January 15th, 2007, 10:35 PM
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Ok... now you forced it out of me... I am officially coming out of the closet

I wrote my graduate thesis on birth stories that are posted on the Internet and in doing so I read hundreds of birth stories of every type... I found the topic fascinating... and still do... hence the entire thesis/book and hence... in part... the reason I came to this board in the first place. Now I can assure you my pursuits are completely unacademic

I used a technique called narrative analysis, which I used to look closely at the language that women used to construct their stories. I noticed the exact same thing. The frequent shift in language from the first to the third person was fascinating. I also noticed that sometimes the shift in language in the stories happened precisely at the point where the birth was moved to the hospital. It was almost as if the medical establishment was able to co-opt the birth process - just another way in which women are removed from their own experience and control is removed from their hands.

From my own personal perspective, I had planned a homebirth and did everything within my power to have my little girl at home. When things changed and I transferred to hospital I was so happy that my birth team supported me in making decisions and I was still able to maintain control... in as much as possible. After 30 hrs in labour and no progress I decided it was time for a section and although that was the last thing I ever could have imagined happening I was able to make peace with the decision. I still have to say, however, the power of the medical birth machine is phenomenal and I can thoroughly understand how women are disembodied. Sometimes when I talk about the experience I have to make a very conscious effort to put my own story in the first person.

Can I also state for the record... just cause you never ever hear this in the other stories... that the epidural was a few moments of relief followed by hours of torture. Yuck. Sorry... just had to say that.

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