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January 16th, 2007, 10:06 AM
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I looked into Canadian adoption before getting pregnant with my son, so I can try to answer some of your questions. You can adopt internationally or from Canada but no matter which option you choose, the first thing is to get a home study done.

For adoptions from Canada, all are open adoptions and the wait could be very long or it might never happen. Basically you are waiting for a birth mom to choose you on the basis of your home study. The fact that you already have a baby, might hurt you. Also not many babies are given up for adoption here so the wait is usually long. The cost is relatively low and you can be put on the list and wait while you also proceed with international adoption.

For international adoption, you are pretty much guaranteed to end up with a baby. The wait varies but you are likley to have a baby within a year or two. Unfortunately the costs are very high - starting at 10,000. But you can get loans to adopt. The best place to adopt from has been China (in terms of health of child, costs and time) but I heard they recently changed adoption rules there, although I don't know the specifics.

Good luck.

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