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January 16th, 2007, 11:51 PM
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I just thought of my biggest mainstream pet peeve...

...that is that homebirthers are not the mainstream norm. When I was in my DDC, I felt that I was so far out there. I wished that more people would embrace the normalcy of pregnancy and birth. I wish I didn't always have to feel like I needed to defend my choices. Most of all I wish that people would see past the rhetoric of risk that is placed around birth. IMHO it is the medical system which more often increases the risks of pregnancy and birth. Having had what turned out to be a very medical birth, I can thoroughly appreciate that the "normal" medical birth is fraught with risks when interventions become routine.

That's my other $0.02. I'll shut up now

THANK YOU! Ya know, to look at Abbey and I you would never know that we are homebirthers if you just saw us walking down the street. People don't realise that and they critisize you because you're crunchy so you must not have feelings. HELLO?!?!?! I don't think you're psychotic for wanting to give birth in a hospital where you feel safe, please don't judge me for wanting to be where I feel safe. I could scream!

And Chelita - all those vaginal checks... Oooo lady that is a nerve for me! You ought to see how many women are in my DDC that get angry when their doctor won't check them. They all want to know what's going on. And then those who do know what's going on go in to fits because "oh I'm only 36 weeks and I'm dilated to three, I must need some procardia!" Heaven help me, it's all I can do to hold back from ranting and raving (and getting myself banned) and telling them off!

Oh thank God for this board!
"I trust birth—not birth attendants—for if you only trust birth that is attended then you really don't trust birth at all. You trust the attendant. And then you start over. Who? Doctor, surgeon, CNM, CPM, SIM? And it goes on and on...." - Carla Hartley
"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win." -Gandhi
"What good fortune for those in power that people do not think." - Adolph Hitler

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