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January 17th, 2007, 10:56 PM
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Ok that is just wrong! but my waters were popped while in labour with Ella when i really didn't want them to be... He basically came in and said "I'm doing this" did it and left.

I have yet to get past 36 weeks to have those "Routine" weekly checks.. so I don't really know how i feel about it.
The day before i had ella I had the doc check me because i was sure something was going on... and i was 3 cm! and then i was told that it ment nothing really.. that most women can stay at 3 cm for weeks before they go into labour. I knew better though... because i had my first early.. i know that anything past 2 cm ment that a baby was coming. What i hate is when Doctor's don't listen to their patients! I told my ob that i felt like i would have my baby really really soon.. and he told me that i was just nervous and nothing more... he went on vacation for a MONTH! and in 2 weeks I had Ella. That is the second time i've had my baby delivered by a complete stranger... GAH I HATE THAT! No one listens to me!! I think i would know!! don't you?
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