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January 18th, 2007, 06:42 AM
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Ok that is just wrong! but my waters were popped while in labour with Ella when i really didn't want them to be... He basically came in and said "I'm doing this" did it and left.

I have yet to get past 36 weeks to have those "Routine" weekly checks.. so I don't really know how i feel about it.
The day before i had ella I had the doc check me because i was sure something was going on... and i was 3 cm! and then i was told that it ment nothing really.. that most women can stay at 3 cm for weeks before they go into labour. I knew better though... because i had my first early.. i know that anything past 2 cm ment that a baby was coming. What i hate is when Doctor's don't listen to their patients! I told my ob that i felt like i would have my baby really really soon.. and he told me that i was just nervous and nothing more... he went on vacation for a MONTH! and in 2 weeks I had Ella. That is the second time i've had my baby delivered by a complete stranger... GAH I HATE THAT! No one listens to me!! I think i would know!! don't you?[/b]

See, that was YOUR choice, you listened to your body and knew you would be in labor soon, but honestly i have friends who walk around at 5-6cm for WEEKS and it really depends on the person, but statistically, most of the time, it means jack. Also, dilating that much before even reaching 36 weeks IS pretty significant i think. He should have listened to you. It's like women are just numbers and names on charts, assembly line cervical checks....i SEE it coming! they want all women to just fit into these nice little criteria and don't take individuality or intuition into account, it's stupid.
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