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January 18th, 2007, 12:03 PM
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thats funny! Seriously though, it is kind of scary thinking about stuff that gets mentioned in the news occasionally. I remember sometime this last year hearing that they were talking about putting GPS type chips in all babies in hospitals. As comforting as that might be, its super scary too, ya know!

One thing I definitely hate hearing and have to make a HUGE physical effort to not roll my eyes is "oh, you're a brave one, so and so just told on you (as in repeated my story the person talking). I have to have meds at the end because I get crazy" Don't people know about transition? I was BEGGING for an epidural at home during transition even though I was dead set against leaving and would have soooo regretted it. I'm sure if I was in a hospital they would have had that consent form under my shaking hand in 2.3 seconds if they heard that. And I'm not brave, just well educated.
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