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January 18th, 2007, 03:30 PM
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We had just been "letting nature take its course" as far as TTC for 1 1/2 yrs before I got pg in June 2006. I got 1 week of happy knowledge before I knew something was wrong on July 14th, the day before my birthday - horrible cramp high up on the left side and then absolutely awful sciatic nerve pain. Turned out it was ectopic and the blood was occasionally hitting that nerve.
I had thought it was ectopic right away and went into the dr 4 times (but saw different ones because mine wasn't available) before they finally agreed with me. They let me bleed internally (also was bleeding from the tube into my uterus) for 3 weeks, and were still trying to convince me even at the last appt that I was having a natural m/c and I practically begged them to take another look, which is when they finally discovered where I was bleeding from, the left tube. So I was scheduled for surgery the next day, and the whole thing was just a mess, the drs and the nurses couldn't get their stories straight and I was scheduled for procedures I was told I would not be having. I made them wait to take me in until I spoke with the dr myself. Once the surgery was over, the dr had a very minimal conversation with my husband, didn't let him ask any questions and walked away. Nobody knew what had happened during the surgery so I called the drs office several times after the surgery and got no call back.
I actually had to wait 3 weeks at my post op to find out what really happened. (I did watch the tape but there's no dictation with it.) They took my left tube, which was unnecessary since it had not completely ruptured. Well, it's not like I can have them put it back in now! Then the dr told me he was positive it was twins, one in the tube and one in the uterus because he had removed a tiny piece of tissue from my uterus that looked like very deteriorated fetal tissue. He said it was so far gone that he was not suprised when the pathoology report on it said it wasn't fetal tissue, but he is certain that it was. If it truly, truly was a twin then it must have stopped developing right away because I never felt anything in my uterus like you're supposed to during pregnancy. Never even had the cramps common with miscarriage (of course, that was part of the reason I was sure right away it was ectopic).
Anyway, that dr himself is good, but the other drs there and the nursing staff are absolutely horrible so I will not be returning to that hospital, which is unfortunate bc it is about 6 blocks away. I found a new clinic I love that is 1 1/2 hours away but they're worth it so far!!! The good news is that I finally got my BFP this morning and wow, this is already SO different from the last one. I pray that this is the one for us!

7/6/2008 ETA:
I had forgotten I posted this. I lost that pregnancy too. I went into the ER in late January 07 at 5 1/2 weeks or so with bleeding and pain on my right side. The u/s tech said it was just a cyst on my right ovary and sent me home. They did not see a baby inutero, and said it was just too early to see anything. They sent me home, and I began cramping and bleeding and I passed something grayish pink a little bigger than a grain of rice. I thought I had miscarried and that it was over. Well, I do still believe that was a baby, seeing comparable pics. But when i went back in for a follow up appt, my betas were rising again and the dr was sure it was ectopic. Problem was, he REFUSED to do an u/s!!! I asked several times but to no avail. He was only going by my bloodwork. The numbers were rising, but slower than normal. He kept pushing methotrexate and I kept refusing it, wanting proof that there was no baby inutero first. Finally, on the date of my nurse's appt where they make you watch a video and talk to the nurse, they finally gave me an u/s, where they did confirm there was no baby, but there was free fluid in my abdomen so they scheduled me for surgery immediately. It was in my right tube, and it ruptured the entire length of the tube so the dr took the whole thing, leaving me with no tubes. Well, technically I have 1/2 of the left one, but not enough to conceive with.

Fast forward to fall of 2007, and we did IVF. We transferred 2 embies and froze the remaining 3. Because I was so disgusted with the OB from the last pregnancy, who refused to do an u/s, I tried my old OB again. Problem is, he's never available when something goes wrong with me!! A nurse practitioner did the first fetal u/s on 12/26/07 and saw what she *thought* was evidence of 2 embies. One had a yolk sac, and she said it looked like the other had implanted but collapsed already and was disentegrating. 3 days later I was in the ER with pain in my shoulder. My RE thought I might have a blood clot. It took the ER people seven hours to find the problem. There was indeed 2 babies, but one had implanted into the tiny opening of my right tube, right where it had been removed (corneal ectopic) and it ruptured my uterus. This baby was beautiful, all wiggly and with a strong heartbeat. It was just in the wrong place. It is the most horrible feeling in the world to see that and know the dr is going to go in and kill it. The other baby, the yolk sac, was in the right place, but it wasn't really developing so they told me I was going to m/c that one. She didn't know what the "thing" the NP saw on the u/s but she said it definitely wasn't a baby. How she completely missed the big one 3 days earlier, I don't know. Anyway I had a 50% blood loss and spent 2 nights in the hospital and a 6 - 8 week recovery. I was told that I was going to m/c the other one, but my body seemed to refuse - my baby bump kept getting bigger. When I went in at 12w for another u/s, there was no yolk sac at all, just a big empty sac. I couldn't have a D&C bc of the recent rupture, and my RE had advised against taking the methotrexate, said it could hurt my chances with IVF. So I had to wait it out. Finally, at abour 15w I ended up in the ER with horrible cramping (contractions) and gushing blood, where I finally m/c that one in the wee hours of 2/23/08.

The chances of having an ectopic pg in the first place are slim. to have another when your remaining tube is pronounced "perfect" is an even smaller chance. But to have 2 heterotopic (one in the uterus, one in the tube) pregnancies is unheard of. Then the IVF one turned out to be heterotopic too. Who on earth has 3 freakin' heterotopics????? Apparently me.

So fast forward to June 08, where we did our frozen embryo transfer. We had 3 frozen's left, and only planned to transfer one. Unfortunately no one told the embryologist, and she, as normal practice, thawed out two. The first one disentegrated completely (non-viable) and then 2nd one, 3 out of 7 cells disentegrated, giving that one a 50-50 chance of even surviving. So she thawed out the last embie, which thankfully turned out perfect. So we transferred the good one and the not-so-good one. The RE said he did a lower placement this time too, as corneal ectopics, although less than a 1% chance of happening with IVF, happen more often when the placement is higher (like last time). I also see specialists now, for high risk pregnancies.

So here I am, pg again, out of babies and out of money (IVF is expensive!!!) and we hope for the best. I hope I never have to add to this post again.
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