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January 18th, 2007, 05:08 PM
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My biggest mainstream pet peeve would have to be that the "mainstream" has dug its spines so far and deep into our society that women really HAVE NO CLUE that they have rights. Honestly, no friggin clue! I hear it all the time "you mean, I dont HAVE to do that?" Well, no you dont HAVE to do anything. Its your body, and you have this thing called free will that allows you to get your @ss up, put your pants BACK ON and even give that OB the bird if you please.. then walk out. Or sometimes, simply saying "no" is suffice. I also get pretty heated and worked up over the fact that doctors and medical professionals mindlessly tell women that the epidural has absolutely no ill effect on your body, or on the baby... tell me how a narcotic drug does not pass through the placenta???
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