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January 18th, 2007, 11:17 PM
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I hope that this is, for me at least, a sign of labor coming on but lately I have wanted more and more to be left the heck alone! Does anyone else get this way at the end of pregnancy? I'm also much more tired, hormonal, and grumpy. I find myself annoyed with things that don't usually bother me (DH quoting movies, asking the baby to come, etc...) and I can't say why other than "hormones". Please tell me this isn't just me!
"I trust birth—not birth attendants—for if you only trust birth that is attended then you really don't trust birth at all. You trust the attendant. And then you start over. Who? Doctor, surgeon, CNM, CPM, SIM? And it goes on and on...." - Carla Hartley
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