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January 23rd, 2007, 02:10 PM
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Ok I feel kind of silly,

but I am starting to get scared at the thought of having this baby at home,
(oh the baby who wants to be a surprise so bad, that it had its legs crossed with the cord between them for good measure)

I'm not even sure why I am scared,
just that tinking about giving birth at home is suddenly making me scared,
I know I can give birth, Ive done it 5 times already, all pain releif free, and all short labours, the longest being 4 hours,(myfirst)

I guess deep down it has to do with my twins birth and the outcome,

their birth is the closet I have had to a home birth, was in my driveway in the car, about to head to hospital,

or maybe its the fact that I dont know if this little one is a girl, I feel that it is BUT i dont know, my DD has cerebral palsy and required special care when she was born, and the twins being girls also,

I guess I'm doubting my ability to deliver a healthy baby girl,

I have a mw appointment on friday, so heres hoping she can make me feel better,

sorry for rambling, just needd to share
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