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January 24th, 2007, 09:17 AM
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That's... interesting. Don't worry about people who say you make them feel less of a person. They are insecure with their choices. I've found that a lot when I state facts about myself (i.e. I extended nurse, I don't use bottles at all, I don't circ my boys, we co-sleep, we homeschool, etc.). People who are already insecure about their choices feel like you are judging them even when you aren't. It's all on them. Anyway, the planned birth thing is crazy. The OB does have it right about the stress-fear-pain cycle, but he is failing to realize that being prepared for a natural birth and having coping mechanisms work just as well to stop the cycle as drugging the mom. Of course I am sure it is easier (for the OB!) to have a drugged mom who doesn't want to move around during labor or try different positions to push. He'd probably have had a heart attack to see me pushing (on my bed) sitting up, on my hands and knees, and on my side all at the encouragement of my midwife who believe women are capable of birthing naturally with no help needed.

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