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January 24th, 2007, 11:06 AM
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aye aye aye.

You know, as a doula Ive seen what I feel like is my fair share of things.

But I will say this: the woman who plans to go naturally and changes courses somewhere along the lines & gets an epidural might be somewhat disappointed, sure. She hopefully will walk away still trusting in her body & learning somethign from the experience.

BUT - the woman who walks in and figures her "plan" is to get an epidural, and has no intention of planning for any other means of coping is going to be the woman with a 2 hour labor, who walks into the "huge" hospital with the "great" ob at 8 cm, and then that "great' ob will say "sorry, its too late, the baby is RIGHT there". And then, this woman who has been so afraid of everything that she just wants to numb herself from all feelings, is stuck. Stuck dealing with things she was never prepared for. And somethign that would have been so totally wonderful & awesome with a little preparation is now about like facing an oncoming train without realizing that youre even on the train tracks.

I pity those women. B/c childbirth can be one of the most amazing awesome experiences of our lives, and never mind the women who say screw it & decide to take away the feelings both good & difficult, but it can also be the most shocking and even upsetting experience when you are hoping for pain free, plan for pain free, and end up deathly afraid, hence MORE pain, and with NO pain relief or knowledge of how to cope with it all.

With preparation, information & knowledge, you can learn to relax, be open to it, and stop the fear-pain cycle from ever happening. Anxiety is one thing but fear is another. And fear often = pain.

And even for women who get the epi in time - they make NO guarantees about wether it will work or wether it will be safe for you & baby. And - women with epidurals often complain of MORE pain postpartum than women who go naturally. Makes you go hmmmm doesnt it?


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