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July 7th, 2005, 12:25 AM
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A few days ago I took a home pregnancy test, and it came out positive with a slightly faint line.

However, last month.. the exact thing happened to me.. so here I am thinking I am pregnant.. then BAM! 3 days later I had my period. I went to the doctors to take a urine test and they said it was "borderline-positive", and she mentioned that that mean either it was too early to tell.. or that I had a miscarriage. So, I am assuming that since I had my period a few days later.. that I had a miscarriage. *This was last month by the way*

Now, to bring you up to date, I took another one this month, and it came out positive. My question is.. to the ladies who are/have been pregnant.. is if you've experienced all the symptoms? I am kind of leaning towards the possibility that I AM pregnant.. there are a couple things I noticed this month that didn't happen last month.. for the past week and a half.. I have been cramping quite often.. then up until about 2 days ago it completely stopped.. then yesterday.. I started to feel these sort of sharp pains in my lower abdomen.. right in the middle. I've also had some uterine cramps that were kind of unusual.

Another thing that was kind of strange.. I just looked in the mirror and it seems as if my upper body's veins are more evident.. which is quite strange because whenever I take a blood test, the nurse has the HARDEST time trying to locate my veins.. but right now they're staring right back at me.. not grossly evident.. but evident to me.

The strange thing is.. that my breasts aren't really that sensitive right now.. I mean, they feel normal. They're not really tender or anything like that... just normal. I haven't really been urinating that frequently like most girls obviously are at this point. I'm also not experiencing morning sickness.. I mean.. I may guess a little nauseous here and there.. but nothing crazy.. and maybe it's normal to feel a little nauseous every now and then?

Right now as of this moment.. I feel kind of normal.. my lower abdomen feels like I've been doing some sit-ups or something.. but nothing too weird.

Not having all the symptoms made me question if I really am pregnant or maybe I had another miscarriage like last month? Is that possible?

By the way.. I can't go to the doctors until August.. that's when my medical starts up again... so I guess I'm in kind of a rut until then.

Sorry for such a long post ladies.. but please, give me your feedback It will be greatly appreciated.

Oh, I'm also 20 yrs old.. and my cycle runs around 32 days. The first day of my last cycle was May 23, 2005 and it is now July 6, 2005. So I am somewhat late..
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