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January 25th, 2007, 10:46 PM
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I was telling my dad about how i want a homebirth the next time we get pregnant. I gave him my reasons why i wanted a homebirth.. but he kinda got this look on his face and started to talk about how i should have at the very least a birth center birth.. becasue then what if something happens while i'm in labour and if that happends I should have a hospital near.

I have never has any issues medical wise for either of my births.. the only thing of any issue would be the fact that both of my daughters were born at 36 weeks and came REALLY fast. (3 hours for my 1st and 4 for my 2nd) Other than that I had very healthy pregnancies and perfect labours.

So why is it soo hard to convince my family that a homebirth is fine for me!

I just want to be in my own space when i have my next baby (in 3-4 years) why is that soo hard for them to understand that!?

There is nothing in my medical history while pregnant to indicate that a home birth would not be possible for me... my girls are healthy and came through their births perfect! (Ella had a touch of tachycardia about 30 minutes before she was born, but that cleared up really quickly)

how do i get my dad to either be ok with it and stop giving me "his two cents" or just leave me alone about it?
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