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January 26th, 2007, 07:52 AM
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The harshest of criticisms came from our families for us. We just finally told them it was not up for discussion & if they couldnt be supportive, that was fine, but to stop mentioning it to us.

They did come around, and now theyre still not quite HBing advocates, but they are amazed in a good way

I know my DH was very adamantly against it even at first, even against a birthing center.

BUT - once he saw that basically anything & everything that they had at a birthing center woudl be brought TO the house & available, that eased their mind. AND - our hospital isnt very far away either. And as far as the baby was concerned, if the situation couldnt be handled at home, then it was beyond the local hospitals ability as well & would have to be transferred to the NICU, which our local hospital was NOT equipped with. Once they realized that their worst fears wouldnt be able to be handled even at the local hospital they seemed to have a different take on it.

So - either avoid it - or hold firm & explain to them, they dont have to be supportive, theyre entitled to their beliefs, but if they cant be supportive or say something nice, then keep their opinions to themselves.



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