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January 26th, 2007, 01:12 PM
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Have a question about your taxes? Don't know which forms you need? Do you have to pay state taxes? Look no further! Here is a list of helpful sites to find the information you need.

Miscellaneous Information

Tax Deductible Value of Donated Goods (this has recently gotten more strict, so make sure you have a receipt, an itemized list, and/or pictures of the goods you've donated)
Tax Deductions and Credits (from
Tax Deduction Information

Will a tax service be filing your taxes for you? Here's what you need to bring with you:

• Social Security Card(s)
• Driver’s License(s)
• Dependents’ Social Security Numbers & Dates of Birth
• Last Year's Federal and State Tax Returns
• Wage Statements - Form W-2
• Pension or Retirement Income - Form 1099-R
• Interest and Dividend Income - Form 1099-INT/Form 1099-DIV
• State Income Tax Refund Amount - Form 1099-G
• Social Security Income - Form SSA-1099
• Unemployment Income - Form 1099-G
• Commissions Received/Paid
• Information on sales of Stocks or Bonds - Form 1099-B
• Self-Employed Business/Farm Income & Expenses - Form 1099-MISC
• Lottery or Gambling Winnings - Form W-2G
• Lottery or Gambling Losses
• Income and Expenses From Rentals
• Income from Partnerships, S Corporations, Trusts, and Estates - Schedule K-1
• IRA Contributions
• Alimony Paid or Received
• Child Care Expenses & Provider Information
• Medical, Eye Care, and Dental Expenses
• Cash and Noncash Charitable Donations
• Record of Purchase or Sale of Residence
• Mortgage or Home Equity Loan Interest Paid - Form 1098
• Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes Paid
• State or Local Sales Taxes Paid
• Unreimbursed Employment-Related Expenses
• Job-Related Educational Expenses
• Educator Expenses
• Tuition and Education Fees - Form 1098-T
• Student Loan Interest - Form 1098-E
• Casualty or Theft Losses
• Estimated Taxes
• Foreign Taxes Paid
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