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January 30th, 2007, 03:37 PM
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Hello All.

My homebirth ended in a hospital with a c section. my midwife was a punk and when i called her to tell her i was in labor she told me i had to come to her because she couldn't come to me because of some trouble she was in (based on a previous birth 7 years before- a bunch of hooeey) anyway, we drove 2 1/2 hours after i had been in labor for 6 hours and i labored there for about 30 hours and she broke my water and i was in transisition forever and wasn't allowed to push because i wasn't dialating and she wasn't helping so i had run out of energy after 36 hours and transfered to the hospital where i had an epidural and they told me to wait a while to see if the swelling in my cervix went down (which it didn't ) so they did a section. Totally not happy about it but my baby is healthy and we are ttc #2 which will be born in a birth center provided by a midwife. she isn't allowed to practic in alabama because there is no licensing so we must go to tennessee to have our baby. boo. by the time #3 rolls around it should be legal here. anyway, that's my story. sorry it's so long.
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