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January 30th, 2007, 07:43 PM
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Post up these details, feeling free to leave out any you wish to

Baby name:
Baby birth date:
Time of birth:
Head circ:
Type of delivery:
Other information about pregnancy/labour/delivery:
Date & gestation of past losses:

PAL Baby Birth Stats</span>

member: peacefullillypad
Baby name:Mackenzie Lynn-Ann
Baby birth date: 12/19/03
Time of birth: 5:22 pm
Weight: 6lbs 5oz
Length:19 in
Head circ: ?
Type of delivery: urgent c-section
Early/Late: born at 36wks exactly
Other information about pregnancy/labour/delivery:I will try to make this short inlove.gif It took us 4yrs after our loss (11yrs TTC in total), finding a great dr, a dx of PCOS, 2000mg of Metaformin, 2 cycles of Clomid, and a cerclage to have our little miracle. They thought at first I had a blighted ovum bc I had a BFP so early that they couldn't see the sac and fetal pole. I had to wait ten days after they thought there was a blighted ovum to find out there was actually a baby! It was the longest 10 days of my life! I had GD, and had to take insulin. I had early labor even with the cerclage, and had to go on disability and bed rest. I had to take weekly NST's from 32wks on and BPP every 2wks. I was scheduled for a c-section on 12/22, but when I went in for my NST on 12/19 we failed. They sent us for a BPP and we failed that also. She would not move for anything. They decided to take her that day. I had a spinal and then I heard the most beautiful cry in the world. Mackenzie was so healthy they couldn't believe it! Because I had GD they didn't think that her lungs would be developed enough at 36wks, but she was fine and spent no time in the NICU at all!
Date & gestation of past losses: 8/29/99 12wks 6days

member: Brittanie
Baby name: Cora Rei Cannady
Baby birth date: May 2, 2006
Time of birth: 4:07 pm
Weight: 6lb10oz
Length: 20 inches
Type of delivery: vaginal
Early/Late: 12 days before due date
Other information about pregnancy/labour/delivery: We had confirmed the day before via ultrasound that her heart was no longer beating, and I was induced that morning. After 2 hours of pushing, my Dr. decided she couldn't come on her own, used the vacuum, and pulled (I could see the strain on his face). She had the cord wrapped around her neck twice and it almost didn't let her come.
Date & gestation of past losses: 38w1d

member: VegasMom
Baby name: Nicolas Ryan
Baby birth date: June 9, 2006
Time of birth:10:19 pm
Weight:7 lbs
Length:21 1/2 inches
Head circ: ? sorry, his head was kinda squished
Type of delivery: vaginal
Early/Late:4 weeks early, induced
Other information about pregnancy/labour/delivery: I was induced 4 weeks early due to issues with a drop in his heart rate. The peri did an amnio the night before to see if his lungs were mature enough and my OB called me at 11 pm from his home to tell me the tests showed he was ready. I was induced the next morning and 12 hours later I had my little miracle baby. Thank the Lord for my epidural!!
Date & gestation of past losses:September 1993, May 2000, January 2004, June 2004, February 2005, June 2005 ( twin #1) August 2005 (twin #2).

member: ~*SeamusMommy*~
Baby name: Seamus Patrick
Baby birth date: July 18th, 2006
Time of birth: 10:12pm
Weight: 7lbs 9oz
Length: 21inches
Head circ: 14inches(35cm)
Type of delivery: vaginal with use of vacuum
Early/Late: right on time, I was induced 2 days before my due date and had him the day before my due date
Other information about pregnancy/labour/delivery: I didn't get af for 61 days after my loss and the doc gave me a progesterone shot and i got a 2 day light af and then skipped a day and one spotting day and then 4 weeks later found out I was pregnant with my son. I had Gestational Diabetes, Pregnancy Induced Hypertention and Hyperemesis Gravidarum.
My son Has Torticollis and Plagiocephaly and also had Acid reflux.
Date & gestation of past losses: August 12th, 2005 about 5 1/2 to 6 weeks gestation

member: mommytothree
Baby name: Sadie
Baby birth date: August 1, 2006
Time of birth: 4:34 AM blink.gif
Weight: 8lbs5oz
Length: 20.5 inches
Head circ: 13 1/2 inches I think
Type of delivery: vaginal
Early/Late: 1 1/2 to 2 weeks early (depending on EDD)
Other information about pregnancy/labour/delivery: Very easy delivery, very stressed out pregnancy for about a million different reasons. Labor and delivery was 4 1/2 hours after my water broke.
Date & gestation of past losses: August 29, 2005 at 20weeks

member: LeedaRenee
Baby name: Lucas
Baby birth date: September 3, 2006
Time of birth: 0650
Weight: 7lbs 2oz
Length: 20 inches
Head circ: can't remember...
Type of delivery: vaginal
Early/Late: 2 weeks early
Other information about pregnancy/labour/delivery: I was induced for high blood pressure, pushed for 2 hours, tore pretty badly
Date & gestation of past losses: September 5th, 2005 8 weeks

member: iamkc
Baby name: Kannon Wilde ...
Baby birth date: September 5th, 2006
Time of birth: 4:39 PM
Weight: 9lbs9oz ohmy.gif
Length: 21-22.5 inches (He kept squirming out of line!)
Type of delivery: Vaginal, unmedicated (except for antibiotics for GBS)
Early/Late: 2 days past due date
Other information about pregnancy/labour/delivery: I went into labor 4 days before, tried to ignore it because I thought I was having BH again. We didn't know what we were having, but I'd had an idea, and all during labor, I was simultaneously concentrating on labor itself and not referring to the baby as "he". I kept doing little dances in between contractions because I was so excited...and tired. My sister almost passed out when the head came out because it went from a teeny plum-sized thing peeping out, then POPPED into a fairly decent-sized baby head!
Date & gestation of past losses: ~21 1/2 weeks, August 2003; multiple early losses up to 7 weeks between November 2003 and November 2005.

member: Marie Is Hopeful
Baby name: Nolan Ilia Wesley ( after both grampa's)
Baby birth date: Oct 4,2006
Time of birth: 2:35pm
Weight: 8lb 4oz
Length: 20"
Head circ: unsure
Type of delivery: emergency c/s
Early/Late: right on due date
Other information about pregnancy/labour/delivery: It took us 30 months, a loss, and three cycles of Clomid to get a baby in my arms, but he was worth every tear! I had high blood pressure and GDM----I was on meds for the BP and on insulin four times a day for the GDM. I had eight u/s total, and lots of NST's-but babe was a good size and very healthy! cheer.gif
Date & gestation of past losses: Had a loss at 12 weeks in Oct 2005

member: LoveMyGabalicious
Baby name: Gabrielle Jayda-Lee (Gaby)
Baby birth date: 26 October 2006
Time of birth: 1.01am
Weight: 8lb4oz
Length: 51cm
Head circ: 37cm
Type of delivery: emergency c/s
Early/Late: 14 days overdue!
Other information about pregnancy/labour/delivery: pretty straight forward pregnancy, however had attempted induction for two days (with prostin gel), which failed to make any progress with my cervix - so I opted to have a c/s. I was booked in for the following morning (Thursday), around midday. 5.30pm that night my mucous plug came away, and then 9.28pm my water broke, there was meconium present, so due to my anxiety issues, I ended up going in for an emergency c/s around midnight
Date & gestation of past losses: 2 Nov 01 - 10w4d, 19 Nov 05 - 5w4d

member: he910
Baby name: Jack Matthew
Baby birth date: November 25, 2006
Time of birth: 4:39pm
Weight: 7lbs 11ounces
Length: 20.5 inches
Head circ: OMG horrible mom here - I don't know!!
Type of delivery: vaginal
Early/Late: 2 weeks early
Other information about pregnancy/labour/delivery: Funny story...DH went out the night my water broke and came home at 2am completely drunk (day after turkey day party at his friends). My water broke at 3am and I had to drive myself to the hospital because he was too drunk!
Date & gestation of past losses: December 2004 at 6 weeks, June 2005 at 7 weeks, October 2005 at 7 weeks

member: MegansMommy
Baby name: Megan Elizabeth
Baby birth date: 12-20-06
Time of birth: 1:13am
Weight:6lbs 150z
Length:20 inches
Head circ:13
Type of delivery:emergency c section
Early/Late:almost 3 weeks early
Other information about pregnancy/labour/delivery: lets see had a cervix cheeck started cramping bad they said it was normal... they at 3am i sneezed and a lil water came out...kept doing this called hospital they basically told me its urine your crazy... tried to sleep but lil bit of fluid kept coming out called dr at 8am and she said nope cant be your water at 10am i stood up and a whole bunch came out.. called dh he rushed home from work and took me and my bags to the hospital it took them over a hour to see me then they said no its not your water....the lil test strip thingy came back negative for fluid.. trying to convince me it was urine like i am a dummie and wouldnt know what urine is! convinced them to do a ultrasound... well my fluid levels were 5.2 they should have been at a 10 and under 5 is dangerous levels.... so they kept me put me on a mointer said oh your having contractions real ones just not regular.. i was like what?!?!?! ive been having these since 20 weeks pregnant!!! they told me i was lucky to keep her in this long. anyways.they then made me walk and i lost alot more fluids so they had me go lay down ..... and gave me a pill i think it was p&c pill i forget the name of it. anywayss that pill is the evil pill from he double l let me tell you.. i was in so much pain the contractions were 2 minutes apart and thr contractions lasted about 1 min 45 each i barely breathed then there comes another one.. nice huh? anyways i did this from about 1pm till 1130 am.... my dr came in made a appearence checked my cervix said she is not even in the birth canal.... and your not dilated at all. so you can either take another pill or have a c section.... you will most likely end up in a c section you have to have her out by 3 am.. well i was crying and the pain had doubled since i had the cervix checked. so i was screaming in pain and crying cuz i didnt want all i wanted it to be all over. ok then i had the c section and i was freaking out... cuz i was having contractions and coughing from my cold i got at my baby shower a week earlier. then they gave me a spinal and then she came out and i didnt even see her she went to the NICU for having trouble breathing and her heartrate was to fast. so i didnt see her till 9 am and had her at 113am.

she was very jaundicy and tiny.. well tiny to me. i had a very bad recovery and left the hospital right before christmas eve. i think she let me go home early cuz of christmas not sure.
Date & gestation of past losses:5/2000 9 weeks
10/2001 13 weeks

username: Cerysbell
Baby name: Hamish Stephen William
Baby birth date: 16th Jan 2007
Time of birth: 8:47am
Weight: 10lbs 2oz
Type of delivery: Vaginal
Early/Late: 7 days late
Other information about pregnancy/labour/delivery: Went in to labour at 6:30 am although I had been having irregular contractions since 2:30am. Went to the hospital shortly after the regular contractions started and arrived there at 7:10am. Darling baby Hamish was born a wee while later.
Date & gestation of past losses: 2002 August 7.3 weeks and 2005 August 7.6 weeks

member: dstreit2
Baby name: Alyssa Denise Streit
Baby birth date: 2/26/2007
Time of birth: 1:40p.m.
Weight: 9lbs 1oz
Length: 21 inches
Head circ: 13.5
Type of delivery:vaginal
Early/Late: 1 day after due date
Other information about pregnancy/labour/delivery: went from 5cm to head crowing in about 10 mins.
Date & gestation of past losses: March 05-14 weeks, Aug 05- 10 weeks, Nov 05- 7 weeks

member: ypperin
Baby name: William James Carr
Baby birth date: 30 May 2007
Time of birth: 1:38 pm
Weight: 8lbs
Type of delivery: Vaginal
Early/Late: 9 Days Late
Other information about pregnancy/labour/delivery:
Date & gestation of past losses: 2006 July - 11 weeks - 2006 August - 3 weeks

<span style="color:#CC66CC">member: Brittanie
Baby name: Erin Rielle Cannady
Baby birth date: June 7, 2007
Time of birth: 8:48 am
Weight: 6lbs 14oz
Length: 19 inches
Type of delivery: vaginal
Early/Late: induced @ 38weeks
Other information about pregnancy/labour/delivery: really painful but totally worth it!
Date & gestation of past losses: May 2, 2006 @ 38w1d

Member: Nykoal
Baby name: Makenna Hope Rose
Baby birth date: September 3, 2007
Time of birth: 8:26am
Weight: 7.3lbs
Length: 20 1/4
Type of delivery: Vaginal
Early/Late: 9 days late
Other information about pregnancy/labour/delivery: After TTC for 7yrs, and having 3 losses in a 9 month span last year we were thrilled to find out 4 days before Christmas that I was pg. It was an awesome pregnancy withzero symptoms and I felt awesome. My due date came and went though and the week I was overdue I was so anxious to have her. Two days before I had her I woke up and felt different. I could hardly get out of bed, the lower pelvic pressure was intense and made it hard to walk. 2 days later I was having contractions all day that were 4-6min apart, but I couldn't feel any pain. I just felt tightening and didn't want to go to the hospital and get sent home, so DH & I decided we would go shopping for a few items. Well, my water broke in the Walmart parking lot of all places at 4:30pm! When I arrived at the hospital at 5:30pm I was 3-4cm's, and the contractions weren't bad at all. There was meconium in my water so I was closely monitored throughout my labour. I laboured until 12am on my own, and then asked for my epidural. It didn't really take and after 4 top ups I had an hour of relief, but then laboured a hard labour for 3hrs (from 5-7cm's) until I could get another epidural. At 3am I was 7cm and by 5:45am I was 10cm and complete. Instead of pushing though I asked if I could sleep for a bit since I couldn't feel the urge to push. I slept for 2hrs and started to push at 7:50am when I felt the urge. 6 contractions later she was born. I only had a 1st degree tear and I'm healing pretty well. I honestly believe that resting for those couple of hours before pushin allowed her to come down on her own without force, helping me to avoid any tears that involved muscle or an episiotomy. All in all it was a wonderful labour and delivery What a way to end a fabulous pregnancy!
Date & gestation of past losses: Oct 05 6wks; May 06 11wks; July 06 6wks

Member: jessjillmama
Baby name: Ava Marie
Baby birth date: September 14th 2007
Time of birth: 7:53am
Weight: 9lbs
Length: 21 inches
Head circ: ?
Type of delivery: repeat c-section
Early/Late: 2 weeks before due date
Other information about pregnancy/labour/delivery: Had a chance for a genetic disorder called Joubert Syndrome
Date & gestation of past losses: First miscarriage was at 8 weeks in 1995, the second one was in June 2006 at 8 weeks, we found no heartbeat at the ultrasound.

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