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January 30th, 2007, 08:05 PM
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Okay, I'm gonna try to organize my thoughts here and get some feedback. We just started talking about the possibility of a homebirth last night, so we don't know for sure if we'd go for it yet or not. Just mulling over the idea.

By the way, my name is Kelli, and we're expecting baby #2 in the first part of June. I know some of you from the natural childbirth board already. My first was a natural midwife attended hospital birth...

At this point we are planning a birth center birth. It's only about 4 blocks from my house and the same from the hospital (the BC, hospital and our house would form a nice even triangle)

First off, I want a waterbirth and I know there are tubs you can rent or buy, does anyone have suggestions or links?

I'd also like to know some of the benefits (in your opinion) to having the baby at home (midwife would attend) vs. at the birth center. I haven't even talked this over with the midwife yet, but I'd like to have some info before that.

And I'm just gonna list some of my concerns and then hopefully you gals can give me some feedback/guidance/direction/etc...

#1, where the HECK would I put a birth tub? We have a very very small house (under 900 sq ft) and there's not a lot of floor space. How much room do they take up?

#2. what if my house is a mess or dirty? would I need to thoroughly cleanse my house?

#3. dealing with questions/concerns from family members. My mom seems *okay* with the idea once I told her the midwife would definitely be there. But I know I'd get some negative feedback from other people.

#4. what are the risks involved? are they really any more than having the baby at the BC?

#5. I don't know if my insurance would cover it... I'm on state/medicaid and I don't know for sure how that would work. They do cover the BC for sure, but I don't know about homebirth. how would I go about asking them about it?

#6. nevermind... my midwife is also a pediatrician, so that nixed that question!!

Any other thoughts, suggestions, links??
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