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January 31st, 2007, 07:39 AM
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Hi, Kelli. You know me

I've had a hospital birth, a birthing center birth, and a homebirth. I'm personally a land birther, but my midwife does a lot of waterbirths. She recommends renting an Aquadoula

The best part of having a homebirth is not having to go anyway as well as the comfort level of it being YOUR home and YOUR turf, not someone else's. I was much more relaxed at home in my bed than I was at the birthing center in their bed (and I was pretty relaxed there). Not having to go anywhere while in labor is a huge plus. There's no "when should we leave" question. Everyone comes to you. Not having to go anywhere afterward is also great. We left the birthing center about 4 hours after Cameron was born. With Fritz we realized when he was 2 or 3 days old he'd never been outside of our bedroom.

To address your concerns:
1.) I'm not sure how big they are, but I think they are pretty big. Some people put them in their living room, some put them out on their deck. Usually space for one can be found.

2.) You don't have to clean at all! Your house has your germs and the newborn will be living there anyway whether she is born at home or not. You don't have to clean a lot for the baby to come home from the birthing center or hospital and you don't have to clean a lot to have the baby at home.

3.) Ignore negative feedback. What others think truly doesn't matter.

4.) There are really no more risks having the baby at home than at a birthing center. Midwives carry things to help in the case of hemhorrage. They carry oxygen. They can sew up tears (really bad ones have to go to the hospital, but that's the case no matter if the baby is birthed at home or a birthing center). There is one huge benefit. At your home the germs are your family's germs. Your baby has been living at your home, not at the birthing center, while inside you. At the birthing center are other people's germs. It is impossible to get rid of all of them. So bacteria wise the home is the best place to give birth.

5.) Call the number you have for them and ask flat out if they cover homebirth with a licensed midwife (CNM, CPM, or whatever the midwife you will use is). Get the name of the person who tells you the answer and write it down along with the date and time you talked to them. If they say no, keep asking. My midwife has found a lot of insurances claim they won't cover home birth but when it comes down to it they do.

6.) My midwife isn't a ped but she still did the care of Fritz until about 6 weeks. I took Cameron to the doctor at 22 hours old. I will never do that again. He was too young and it wasn't necessary. We don't vax so we don't do regular well baby checks. Fritz went to the ped at 4 months for the first time (sick visit due to his allergies).

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