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January 31st, 2007, 12:35 PM
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I LOVE traditional Irish names as well and we plan on using one for this baby. What I did was go through names myself and make a list and then had dh pick his favs from my list. He didn't like all the ones I did but he did love 3 from my girl list and 4 from my boy list. Maybe you could try that. Or use your favorite for the first name and his favorite for the middle name. There's a lot of traditional Irish names that aren't as "out there" and hard to pronounce as some others that he might actually like. (Dh automatically vetoed anything he couldn't pronounce even after I told him how to say it. )[/b]
Ugh. DF's problem is that he cannot spell. He's been trying to improve that so he actually goes back and corrects everything he misspells after he's done writing something (even a grocery list). But now he's getting into "what things look like in English" and refuses to spell things correctly in Irish (which is a sore spot with me because I spoke Irish as a child!). I mean, he suggested spelling Siobhan "Shavonne", which might sound okay to a lot of Americans, but looks awful to me.

Yeah ... he doesn't like any from my list and I don't like any from his (except Anastasia ... I might be convinced to use it as a middle name). The only one I like that he would consider is Eithne (but he says only if I spell it ENYA ).
Well I think the correct spelling is a lot of the charm of the name (especially a traditionally ethnic name). And if he's not willing to spell it correctly then I'd just scrap the whole thing. Maybe buy a name book, or two, and go through it together? There are tons of names out there, you guys will find something you both agree to. I have a cousin named Eamonn and it took the family some time to adjust to its uniqueness but even the worst spellers can spell it and if its his own child he will remember how to spell the name. Good luck!
I love Eamonn!

We already have two boys' names though. For some reason we can agree on those. But for girls ... ugh this isn't working!

He suggested, if I'm so in love with Irish names, why not use Fiona? He can spell that. Or Shannon. Um, well, because Fiona's made-up, and because Shannon is both Anglicized and overused. He doesn't see the problem. If he's going to let me use something from a style I love it had better be spelled correctly and real.

He says he'll consider Margaux now, but he doesn't really like it.
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