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January 31st, 2007, 08:07 PM
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I posted my intro post a little while back...

And who knew I would pretty much got pregnant right at that exact time

My name is Jessie, 23, and I am just about 8 weeks pregnant with my second baby, due September 14th, 2007! We will be moving to Oklahoma come April.

This pregnancy has already been crazy... one of my OBs was worried about pain on my left side, sent me for a U/S, all they saw was a sac (I was only around 4-5 weeks). She said she was worried, took my blood. My numbers came back and didnt double within 48 hours so she told me I would miscarry. Even with no bleeding and no cramping, she was sure of it and wanted to give me something to miscarry by the end of the following week! I asked for another ultrasound and 6 weeks there was development but no heartbeat yet. Again, went for another ultrasound around 7-8 weeks and that is when my "miscarriage" had a heartbeat! I was 6 days less farther along than my LMP predicted but using your LMP is the worst way to calculate a due date if you ask me.

Anyway, I am still considering a home birth. When I move to Oklahoma I would like to go with a midwife instead of an OB. Again, I am still terrified of a home birth (but I think just terrified of birth again in general).

I hope you dont mind me ladies hanging around and learning as much as I can!
Expecting our one and only little PRINCE!!

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