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July 8th, 2005, 04:52 PM
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Just wanted to add a quick update. My u/s this past Wed. did not go so well unfortunately. Once again we only saw a little black sak that was so small he couldn't even measure it. My HCG that day came back at 1090 and my doc. said at 7wks it should be at the least in the 2000 range. I was supposed to go back again today for another HCG but due to hurricane Dennis everyone in Bay county is under mandatory evacuation. My doc. office will not open until next Tue. so I'll just have to wait it out and hope not to miscarry before then.
I do have one question maybe someone can help with. I just would like to know what tests need to be run? I'm sure my doc. will let me know that, but I just don't understand what the problem is. I am a healthy 21 yr. old and this just does not feel real. I'm not in a rush, and we have faith that we will conceive again but just for us personally we have to find out what is causing this.
Basic testing was run when I had my 2nd BO, so what else is there to do?
Anyway thanks for any help and best wishes to all.
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