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February 2nd, 2007, 08:24 AM
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Okay, So I'm a BIG clearance shopper, anywhere we go. I LOVE Target.
I happened to know where all the marked-down stuff is at the Target
closest to my house. So we went to a new Target and I was looking for their
clearance. Low and behold I found DIAPERS on clearance. My nephew is

more or less a generic baby. He'll use just about everything, including diapers
AND formula. We were running out of diapers so I figured I buy some.

It was a big box of Pampers size 4 for only ..... $18.20!!!!!
It had 126 diapers. I went to the diaper aisle, and a regular box of Pampers size 4,
cost $19.99 for only 96 diapers. It sucked, the one time I didn't bring my coupons,
I saw an amazing deal. It was upsetting but what could I do?

Well, I had just gotten paid... I ended up buying 3 boxes of those diapers.
I was SOOOO excited the rest of the day.
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