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February 2nd, 2007, 06:24 PM
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Baby name:Nicolas Ryan
Baby birth date: June 9, 2006
Time of birth:10:19 pm
Weight:7 lbs
Length:21 1/2 inches
Head circ: ? sorry, his head was kinda squished
Type of delivery: vaginal
Early/Late:4 weeks early, induced
Other information about pregnancy/labour/delivery: I was induced 4 weeks early due to issues with a drop in his heart rate. The peri did an amnio the night before to see if his lungs were mature enough and my OB called me at 11 pm from his home to tell me the tests showed he was ready. I was induced the next morning and 12 hours later I had my little miracle baby. Thank the Lord for my epidural!!
Date & gestation of past losses:September 1993, May 2000, January 2004, June 2004, February 2005, June 2005 ( twin #1) August 2005 (twin #2).

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