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February 2nd, 2007, 07:23 PM
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Hi, I'm Candace and I'm 18 weeks pregnant with our 5th child...a boy.

DH and I like the name Miles for a first name. One reason we like it is because DH is a professional musician and a big jazz buff. Our last name is Maynard. Miles and Maynard are both famous jazz musician names.

We are thinking maybe Alexander for a middle name so....

Miles Alexander Maynard

What do you all think? We want something different yet traditional. Can you think of any other middle names that would go well with it?

Here's the problem...our kids HATE the name Miles. (Especially our 15 yr old DD) Would you name your new baby a name that it's sisters and brothers can't stand? Do you think they'd just get over it?

Thanks so much,

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