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February 2nd, 2007, 07:37 PM
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First off, ditto on the after-ease I used massive amounts of it my first day - the after pains (for me) were worse than any part of labor... Which is not to say that they were god-awful but it was like a bad period.

I used a plethera of different herbs all of them from Mountain Meadow ( and I would order any and all of them again in a heartbeat. I used the Gentle Birth Formula and well over half of my labor was completely painless. The last few hours were a bit harder but no worse than hard constipation cramps (sorry that's the best comparison I can think of).

I didn't do *any* childbirth classes like Bradley or hypnobirth. Take my advice, don't do that. I thought that they would be to expensive or time consuming or that I would know all the info they were giving but that's the one and only thing that I would change about my labor.

I would also look at essential oils, I used lavender, jasmine, and a custom blend with lavender, bergamot, geranium, rose, and myrrh. My favourite was the plain lavender but I would use the other two again in a heartbeat!

The only other word of wisdom I can offer is don't overdo it on the Shepherd's purse if you use any... I did a dropperful to much and had some problems passing clots on days one and two which made me physically uncomfortable and mentally nervous.
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