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February 2nd, 2007, 10:56 PM
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First off, I want a waterbirth and I know there are tubs you can rent or buy, does anyone have suggestions or links? I didn't end up buying a pool - DH wanted one but I was more into the bathroom. So while I labored in water it was just my bath tub. But when I was looking for a tub the sites I checked were:
Your waterbirth

I'd also like to know some of the benefits (in your opinion) to having the baby at home (midwife would attend) vs. at the birth center. I haven't even talked this over with the midwife yet, but I'd like to have some info before that. For me the benefit was being unassisted, so naturally for you things would be different. I have only ever heard one birth center "horror" story where a friend of mine was checked by someone wearing a latex glove. My friend was highly allergic to latex and it ended in a transfer and an emergency c-section but I've heard transfer stories from homebirthers too. In the end the benefit is you have your bed four feet away from you instead of four blocks.

And I'm just gonna list some of my concerns and then hopefully you gals can give me some feedback/guidance/direction/etc...

#1, where the HECK would I put a birth tub? We have a very very small house (under 900 sq ft) and there's not a lot of floor space. How much room do they take up? Your house sounds like ours - and while we didn't end up using a pool we had decided that if we got one we would set it up in the dining room and push the table out of the way.

#2. what if my house is a mess or dirty? would I need to thoroughly cleanse my house? cleanse, no... you may want to straighten though. I'm not usually what one would call "tidy" but my house drove me NUTS while I was in labor I hated all the clutter around me.

#3. dealing with questions/concerns from family members. My mom seems *okay* with the idea once I told her the midwife would definitely be there. But I know I'd get some negative feedback from other people. I got negative feedback from a lot of people mostly in the form of trying to instill self doubt. You have to deal with it just like you would deal with the nay-sayers of natural childbirth in a hospital - a great deal of headstrong confidence and education. I must say that afterwards the "told you so" factor is kind of fabulous.

#4. what are the risks involved? are they really any more than having the baby at the BC? I haven't looked at the comparison of HB vs. BC but I will say (and I mean this light heartedly in a serious way) the less you have to do to get there the less risk there is. Just think if you don't leave your house there's no risk of car accident or meeting someone with a new interesting germ!

#5. I don't know if my insurance would cover it... I'm on state/medicaid and I don't know for sure how that would work. They do cover the BC for sure, but I don't know about homebirth. how would I go about asking them about it? I couldn't tell you but it sounds like you've got some help on this one already

#6. nevermind... my midwife is also a pediatrician, so that nixed that question!!

Any other thoughts, suggestions, links??
I can't find a link I'm looking for right now (has tons of birth stories) but if I had to choose I would read lots of birth stories from birth centers and from home births and see which sounds more like you are looking for.
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