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February 3rd, 2007, 01:25 AM
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I think Miles Alexander is adorable!

I actually know what your kids are feeling, when my little sister was born (1985) I hated her name, worse yet so did my father. My father had named my brother, and I was a compromise between the two, so my dad promised my mom she could choose the first name of my little sister no questions asked. I was six at the time and remember it well. Her name is Ashlee Marie. My father and I called her Marie the entire end of my mom's pregnancy. Needless to say from the moment my father saw her he knew she was an Ashlee, I got over it in about a minute and I'm almost positive Ashlee will be a middle name for one of our daughters. All will work itself out, your children will come around when they see that cute little boy. Good Luck

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