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February 4th, 2007, 12:35 PM
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here are two things Ive run into:

1. their own feelings of inadequacy at their presumption that you are "so much better than they are because you dont need drugs", or that "the way WE ALL give birth is the RIGHT WAY, dont lead this woman astray into doing what YOU WACKOS do"

2. many mainstream women think it is negligent and stupid to put your health and your baby's health at risk just so you can be more comfortable.

I may go read the thread and see if I have any suggestions for you.

AH, the offended parties dont like it that wmen who have attempted to have natural births actually have things to complain about concerning the cascade of interventions. Those who believe or are married into the hospital "establishment" resent the fact taht any doctor might have an actual M.O. that is something besides "whats best for mom and baby" like their obessive need to cover their ##### with "sorry, its hospital protocol" or whatever.

I saw some moms chime in that had your back. Let them fight it for a while and then post again. It can suck being one of the lone natural birthing advocates. Wait till you graduate to a playroom and they talk about how they are choosing to formula feed, how their doc told them it was fine to feed baby cereal in her bottle at 3 weeks, how their 4 week old is crying it out because she needs to be on a schedule, and how they hit their 8 month olds hand for pulling mom's hair. I have stayed active in my playroom, but many of my playroom moms are for more active in Traditional Parenting or AP or babies or toddlers.

I feel ya. *HUG*

Thank you BAM for my signature!!

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