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February 4th, 2007, 05:45 PM
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Homebirth was brought up in a thread on another forum I'm on, too. This person says (paraphrasing) "Homebirth is great and all, but back in 1900 childbirth was the leading cause of death among women and we shouldn't forget that."

I asked for references to back up that statement. No reply so far. [/b]

Even if that were true it's not because women had birth at home. It's more likely because of infections from dirty equipment. Heck, even today in some countries almost all cases of tetanus are associated with childbirth because people just pick up whatever piece of metal they can find to cut the cord or sew the woman up (rusty scissors anyone?).

People just need to stop.

Even though I'm not planning a homebirth (although I am planning a natural birth) someone had the nerve to "remind" me that women died back in the days before giving birth in hospitals. My response was "(1) women die today IN HOSPITALS even with all of our technology and (2) even if technology IS the answer it wouldn't have helped the women back in 1900 because even the hospitals didn't have "technology." Antibiotics hadn't even come on the scene yet!"

That got them quiet.

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