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February 4th, 2007, 06:27 PM
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I am going to chime in here with why I think people get on the defense when home births are brought up.

I think alot of the time, people are afraid they are looked down on for having a hospital birth. Yeah its so common these days, but still. For example, breastfeeding. I am all for breastfeeding and I did it for a little bit with Dakota. But as a mom who went over to formula, I have experienced comments and things from people who thought that switching my daughter over to formula was wrong. I know that breast is best, but people made me feel horrible for my decision.

I think this is the same with birth... people know that natural, no pain meds, etc is best for them and the baby, but they are afraid they will be looked down apon for choosing medication and a hospital. So I find that people tend to get defensive right away to protect themselves, thinking everyone is out to get them!

Obviously no one is out to get anyone I think some people wish they did have the confidence in themselves to do it naturally (I am one of those people, I am trying to build up my confidence as we speak). I think some people react too quickly because of their own insecurities in their bodies. Remember, alot of people were brought up that doctors know best, sometimes its hard to let go of that!
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