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February 4th, 2007, 08:13 PM
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I would use most for nicknames. Most are just that: nicknames.[/b]
although this is true.. I definitely don't think there's anything wrong with naming your child a shortened version of a formal name. You can name your child anything in the world.

My daughter who is due in May will be named Sadie. My name is Sarah which is the origin name for Sadie, but Sarah is just so common (although I love the name!)

Becca - Rebecca
Bess - Elisabeth and all its many variants
Betsy - Ditto
Betty - Ditto
Celia - Cecily/Cecelia are better
Cora - Pretty. Coralie is nice.
Dinah - Have not seen this in ages.
Dolly - Icky!
Dora - Theodora
Dottie - Dorothy/Dorothea
Effie - Felicity/Eufemia
Flossie - Florence or Felicity
Frannie -Francesca/Franziska
Hattie - Harriet/Henrietta
Jessie - Jessamine (not Jessica - too dull)
Josie - Josephine
Kitty - Katherine/Katalina
Lettie - Scarlet
Libby - Elizabeth and all its variations
Lottie - Charlotte/Carlotta/Lieselotte
Lucy - Best left by itself
Maisie - Cute
Mamie -
Mattie - Matilda
Meg - Margaret
Millie - Millicent/Emilia
Minnie - Willemina
Nancy - Anne
Nellie - Penenlop/Eleanor
Nettie - Antoinette
Nina - Ick!
Nora - Eleanore
Patsy - Ick!
Peg - Margaret
Peggy - Margaret
Penny - Penelope
Polly - Mary
Sadie -Sarah
Sally - Sarah
Susie -Susannah
Tillie - Matilda
Vera - Verity/Guinvere
Willa - Willow/Willemina

Cade - Full name by itself.
Cal - Cathal
Clint - Far too close to clitoris
Eli - Full name or Elias
Gus - Angus
Harry - Harold
Leo - Leon
Mack - Mackenzie
Nate - Nathaniel[/b]
wow.. a bit harsh
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