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February 5th, 2007, 04:50 PM
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After getting so much crap for Sydney's name the last time around...I decided this time I wasn't going to tell anyone Meredith's name. I only told a few close friends...almost all of them spelled her name Merideth...which really bothered me because I didn't think it was a hard name to spell. I was talking on the phone last night with my grandmother and I accidently let it slip that her name was Meredith. My grandmother nearly had a fit. She was already upset the last time that I had chosen my other grandmother's name for Sydney's middle name. So the fact that I had chosen yet another family name from my dad's side made her furious. So went on and on about how it was an awful name and my child would never look like a Meredith. I tried to tell her that it's also a variation of Mary...which was great grandmother's name on her side of the family but she just wouldn't listen. So all today I've been getting phone calls from family members commenting on the name. My aunt called and she was like "so you're naming your daughter Meredith?" I told her yes and she goes "like Meredith Grey!?" I so infuriated. I was like "you do know the name existed before that show right!?". Then when she found out the name was Reese she went on and on about how Meredith and Reese were only names for people with blonde hair. I mean seriously have you ever heard of such a thing!? I guess certain names now come with a hair color to match.

Please honest Meredith Reese that terrible!? Should I consider changing it!?
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