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February 5th, 2007, 06:13 PM
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They can't spell Meredith? Can they spell at all!?

The idea of not telling the name until after the birth is exactly what I'm going to try to do as well. I just can't take the complaints. I KNOW I would just tell someone to shove it and then there would be a huge fight!

And how exactly are Meredith and Reese "names for people with blonde hair"? If I try to imagine a generic "Meredith" I see dark hair. That's a really silly reason to pick a certain name for your baby anyway ... and besides, who the heck knows what color hair she'll have? Maybe she'll have blonde hair! Not that it matters but how stupid is that to worry about!?

No, Meredith Reese isn't terrible. I suppose if you wanted to you could tell them "Okay I changed my mind ... the baby's name will be Dottie Ja'Miyyakah LaRoux Smythe-Higgins IV and that's that." Then you could listen to all their moaning about Dottie Ja'Miyyakah LaRoux and how stupid it is to give your kid the made-up last name Smythe-Higgins especially when she's going to be "IV" and there's never been anyone with that name before.

Then when Meredith Reese is born you could say "Oh I decided the first one was better" and maybe they'd be happy!
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