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February 6th, 2007, 08:46 AM
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Oh trust me, I was having to give myself pep talks every frigging day! lol.

Seriously, stand in the mirror, and tell yourself what youd tell any other PG woman. It was like a mind game with me Im telling you! lol.

Also - remember - pg can be miserable - I HATE HATE HATE being pg. HATE IT. But - you do miss it. And you only get to have this pg once. No going back. Sit down, and just really FEEL being pg. FEEL what it feels like, burn it into your memory. Talk to your baby. It sounds cuckoo - but it helps Enjoy this pg, this time with DH, sit around and just do nothing but BE PREGNANT! lol. just do it all the time so much as if the more you feel it & pay attention to how it feels to be pg that youre that much more likely to never forget what it feels like. And i know you think you can never forget, but you do miss it, you kinda forget... and its so hard to imagine what it felt like to feel those baby kicks, etc.

So as much as you want to see that baby,remember that in a few weeks, youll be missing those feelings of having the baby inside of you, attached to you, etc.


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