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February 6th, 2007, 09:14 AM
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you would feel more comfortable alone, if you deal with emotions & discomfort better alone, if you want it to be intimate, or if you just dont see the need[/b]
All of the above! I don't like strangers at all and I don't make friends easily, so I don't see myself getting comfortable enough with a midwife during the 9 months, to the point where I'd actually not mind her looking at my vagina or being in my bedroom. My father was also the unemotional type so when people are watching me I tend to hold it in ... it seems to me that birth is the least appropriate time for holding in your emotions! I would love for it to be intimate. And also, I don't see the real need because my OWN birth was almost unassisted. My mother was in the hospital but everyone was worried about the mother next door having a c-section, and mom wasn't dilated enough for them, so they just left her alone for a few minutes and when they came back, surprise!

But he's worried. And I can't see him getting less worried once I'm pregnant ... if anything he's the type to get MORE worried because it's more real. He thinks it's safer to have at least one person to help, just in case. But he hasn't even researched it. All he knows is what I told him before he cut me off and said no.

There are midwives who are technically "in my area", but they are pretty far. There is no one actually in my town or even in the nearest city. The closest one doesn't do homebirths, either; your only option is in the birth center. There is another a little further but if it takes her two hours to get here what's the point, IMO? And once we move back "home" (hopefully within the next year and a half, so probably before any birth), I know there will be NONE nearby. My options there would be an unassisted homebirth, or a hospital's maternity ward with an OB.
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