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February 6th, 2007, 09:37 AM
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Trupe was sooo against it at first. In fact, he was against a bc birth when we were pg with ds. I tried getting him to watch baby story whenever there was a birth center birth and he'd just freak out and say "ew, not natural". When I told my family my plans to go natural with ds, every single one of them said "oh thats great, but you'll need the epi" and they won...I got it. This go round, I only told my mom about my uc plans, and let her talk me out of it initially. But God kept pressing it on me. I couldn't shake it. I HAD to have it. So I researched madly and presented all my info to Trupe AT THE RIGHT MOMENT (can't plan the right moment, it just happens) and he realized how much it meant to me, and how safe it was. He's actually back slidden now and said he couldn't do it again if we had another. Whatever silly, he knows I can't go back. But once I had him in agreement I did NOT tell my parents, and he didn't tell his mom either...not that I care what she says though. My mom came to visit from AZ and woke up to me moaning loudly almost screaming. She panicked for a second and asked why we weren't going to the bc and I just said "because" and she made coffee and got some towels. Hehe...Most things in my life I let people (especially my mom and dh) walk all over my opinions on...but when it comes to parenting things I stand my ground. Not sure what it is that makes me stronger in those cases, but you can't talk me out of something once I've got my heart set on it (UP, UC, bfing, co-sleeping, delayed/selective vax, cding, ecing, etc).
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