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February 6th, 2007, 09:46 AM
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every single one of them said "oh thats great, but you'll need the epi"[/b]
My MIL will say the exact same thing! I wish I could just not tell her, but when we move again, we will be right across the street and she comes over at least once a day. She will know. I can't just say "Oh btw he/she was born at home". She'll be trying to drag me out to the car.

And I don't understand why everyone in my family says that, because my mom did NOT have an epi with me. They insisted she wasn't even ready for that, and once they left to mess with someone else, BOOM I was born. She had one with my sister but it didn't work! So I am not worried about that and really ... what if it doesn't work for me either? What would the point be!?
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